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5 Tips to Improve Your Day

1. Start your day with positive intentions.

Be specific and intentional about what you expect out of your day. When you wake up, immediately declare to the world what your day will consist of. No matter how detailed or brief, tell the universe what you want. [Pro tip: Make sure this is framed in the present tense. Example: I have.. I am.. I feel..]

2. Give + receive love freely.

Start small. Look in the mirror and say "I love myself." If you don't say it with enough enthusiasm, try again. Keep repeating this until you can confidently look yourself in the eyes and say you love yourself. Then take that same love, and sprinkle it wherever you go. Be loose with your compliments. Pretend you have been given 5 tokens, each one representing a genuine expression of love, by the end of the day, make sure you have no more tokens left. [Pro tip: Look to your love language for inspiration on how you can easily express love.]

3. Find gratitude.

Look for things to be grateful for. You can be grateful for anything! The invention of the alarm clock, a meeting that was pushed an hour, Starbucks. Look around and find a few things you are grateful for and acknowledge your gratitude. [Pro tip: If you want to extend this practice, grab a notebook and spend a week jotting down every little thing you feel grateful for. Whatever it may be. People who do this regularly find that they are always looking for more things to be grateful for to add to their notes.]

4. Give yourself permission.

So many people are carrying around unrealistic expectations for what they "should" and "shouldn't" be doing/thinking/saying. Give yourself permission to just be. Be who you are today. Give yourself permission to succeed. Give yourself permission to fail. Tell yourself that you are enough. Whatever your thing is, allow yourself to experience it fully and without judgement. [Pro tip: Be honest with this. When you give yourself permission, imagine that you are fully allowed to do or not do whatever you have decided. Live in that world.]

5. Be curious.

See what life is like when you look through the lens of curiosity. Resist the urge to jump straight into judgement or anger. Ask "why?" for no other reason than to find out more. Use your curiosity to stretch your limits and reflect on your own perspective. [Pro tip: If you catch yourself pretending to be curious but really judging the crap out of something.. start over.]

Now I would like to hear from you - what are your tips for having a great day?