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Affirmation Tuesday #25

Today, I release my fear. I am safe. The world is a safe and friendly place.

I have been struggling with fear a lot lately. Internal fear of things like not being good enough and also external fears from being in completely new surroundings in a new neighborhood.

Being afraid is actually making me feel worse. I sit around and wait for something to prove me right - waiting for something bad to happen so I can say "told ya so" - unintentionally, but still.

That is what our minds do > they try to prove us right. Today I release my fear. Today I support myself with more powerful thoughts. I am safe.

*Since I believe in the power of affirmations, I will be posting affirmations on the blog for you to try out! E-mail me to submit your powerful suggestions for #affirmationtuesday. I also post affirmations on the instagram page @confidenceinyourfuture.