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Valentine's Day - Apology

I just found out about something amazing and I can't believe I haven't known about it all along.

As some of you know, I love love love the "Love Languages" (read post about Love Languages here). Well, it turns out, the same people have developed the "Apology Languages" which breaks down your apology preferences into 5 simple categories. So cool.

A general overview is as follows:

Expressing Regret: "I am so sorry"
Accepting Responsibility: "I was wrong"
Requesting Forgiveness: "Please forgive me"
Genuinely Repenting: "I'll try not to do it again"
Making Restitution: "How can I make this right?"

For anyone who has not heard of or taken the apology language quiz, take a few minutes to figure out what your apology language is by going here. Maybe even have your partner to do this as well to spark a conversation around your preferences and theirs to figure out how to give and receive what you need. 

What is your apology and/or love language?