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What You Believe is What You Receive: Part I

I am a firm believer that your thoughts create your reality. You get to choose how you see the world and what you believe. This might not always seem possible, but I promise, you do have a choice. 

When we are first learning, we receive messages from the world and, for the most part, accept them as the truth. Whether these messages come to us from our parents, teachers, friends or society, we are taught certain things and go on to live our lives in accordance to these so-called truths.

Some messages can be beneficial for the rest of our lives, while others become outdated and need to be released. This is the area that we must focus on. Releasing outdated beliefs. I am not suggesting that we throw away every belief, just that we examine what is beneficial for us at this moment and allow ourselves to release the thoughts that no longer serve us.

Real-life example:

For me, I had a lifelong message that I was not old enough. For most of my life, I never questioned this thought. I learned this lesson as a child and accepted it as truth. I carried the thought that I was not old enough for decades. I am certain that at the time when I learned this, I was in fact, not old enough for whatever it was I wanted to do. Being the youngest child, it makes total sense that I would receive a message of not being old enough. But when does that stop being true? When would I be old enough?

It was not until I realized this was severely holding me back (and I really started to question it's truth) that I was able to break through the block. I finally started recognizing that I was telling myself over and over I was not old enough. "Not old enough." What does that even mean? By the time I finally reach whatever my subconscious deems to be "old enough" will I immediately be flung into being "too old"? Will I forever have a complex regarding my age? Why am I so obsessed with this? 

Looking back, I see now that I found several ways to prove to myself that I wasn't old enough. A job where my boss treated me like a child, feeling like the decorations in my home resembled that of a college dorm, fear around starting my own business because I was too young... AHH. Every chance I got, I reinforced the message that I wasn't old enough. It was true for me, so my mind took every opportunity to remind me. "Yep, still true." 

Once I finally woke up to this thought and started to see it appearing all over the place, I was able to challenge it. Is this true for me now? Why do I think that? Are there examples in my life where this isn't true? By being able to identify this belief, I was able to work to release this extremely outdated thought. Now, whenever that pops up for me, I am able to choose how I respond to that prompt. "Is that true for me?" It's not? Okay, moving on. 

This example is to show that everyone has their own blocks and sometimes they are so engrained in your life that you don't even realize it. Once you are able to recognize blocks, you have the opportunity to CHOOSE whether or not that thought is true for you anymore. Now I ask you, what are some things you believe that you are willing to release?