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Fluff Your.... Aura!

Y’all, I learned the coolest thing and I am so excited to share. Shout out to my girl Erin at Intentional Coaching + Consulting for teaching me.

It’s called fluffing your aura.

Let me tell you it is probably the best thing I have learned this year.

This technique helps reset your natural boundary as people throughout the day invade your emotional, mental or physical space.

Step 1: Stand up and imagine the energy that you put off. As you think about this energy, hold your hands up and slowly push them out to either side looking to find where the end of your energy is at that moment. You can pull them out and in as many times as needed until you figure it out. Now open your eyes and make a mental note of how extended your arms are.

Step 2: Lean forward and imagine you are rolling a big ball out in front of you. Roll, roll, roll, up until your hands are above your head. Now repeat this on both sides of your body. Instead of doing the back, repeat the front but imagine the ball being rolled behind you.

Step 3: Now that you have fluffed your aura, repeat step 1 and see where your energy ends now.

Sometimes I do this and when I start my hands are so close to my body I can’t extend them at all. Sometimes when I start my hands are much further out. It’s all about you! Do what feels comfortable for you.

Let me know how this goes for you!