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Is it Generational or Situational?

Over the years I have had a number of co-workers, reports and clients who fall into the Gen Z category. A common thread I have noticed is the expectation of fairness. Everything is compared to others and measured against what is interpreted as fair.

“Well, Abby said they are allowed to use their sick time as vacation days. I just want it to be fair.” —- Well, am I Abby’s boss? No.

It is so difficult to compare yourself to anyone else and their situation. Nothing is ever fair, nothing is ever equal, no two situations are exactly the same. I am completely on board with consistency and standards, having rules, absolutely. However….. Sometimes you’ll have a boss who is completely fine with you coming in at 9:00 and in other jobs you’ll get written up for arriving at 8:02. Sometimes you’ll work somewhere where corporate cards are used for beers after work and at other jobs no one even buys lunch on their card. Some of your friends will make more money than you do, some of your peers will get bigger bonuses than you do. Some of your bosses will do less work than you do and some of your bosses will work around the clock. Sometimes you’ll quit a toxic job and your co-workers will stay for years. Everyones shit is different.

My advice to them is to stay in your lane. Focus on yourself and do what you do to the best of your ability. Use information to INFORM yourself, but try to stop comparing yourself to what is going on for someone else. Breathe.

Today I am asking if it is generational or situational? Is the desire for complete fairness generational in that younger people are expecting things to be fair or is it situational in that as a society we are all moving toward transparency and equality and everyone regardless of age desires fairness? Let me know what you think, I would love to have a discussion about this.