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Challenge: Good morning to you

For the past few months, I have been giving serious thought to my thoughts. I have been trying to catch myself in the moment and truly be aware of what is going on for me. 

One area I have been paying particular attention to is the FIRST thing that I think of in the morning. I wasn't paying attention to it in the past, and my life was going just fine. My mornings weren't great or that bad, they were "normal" for me. 

Well, It was highly disturbing to find out that each morning* I wake up to a pretty shitty thought. I said it. The first thing I think about when i wake up is not my sleeping SO, my cats or my wonderful life.... It is usually a combination of "I'm tired", "ugh", "work" - it doesn't matter what the actual words are that come to mind, the point is that I know it is negative and I know it's not even on purpose. 

What the heck?!

Who wants to start the day with this type of attitude!!!!

I challenge you to take an honest inventory of your morning thoughts for the next week. Write them down, categorize them into supportive / not supportive buckets, whatever works for you. Then I challenge you to create a new morning story for yourself. Intentionally create the mindset you wish to have and start to implement it. 

Let me know what you find in the process. 


*each weekday morning... shocking...