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Challenge: Graciously accepting

Are you the type of person who has trouble accepting a compliment? Do you find that it is awkward when someone offers to pay for your lunch? Are you uncomfortable if someone surprises you with a gift? If so, this post is for you!

Graciously accepting is an act that many of us find difficult. I can't tell you how many times people have complimented me and I have immediately rejected what they said. For some reason, my mind heard something nice and reacted by belittling what they offered. "Your hair looks great!" followed by "omg no, I have to dye it so bad, look at my roots." That was my natural reaction, and now I am curious: Why did I feel so comfortable putting myself down?  

There are a few things about this type of behavior that are harmful. First, someone who wants to give you a gift graciously offers it to you. They get joy from this interaction. They want to give this to you. They are expressing love through their words, presents, actions, etc. By rejecting what they are offering to you, you are essentially spitting in their face. Second, you are denying yourself happiness! What would it be like if you believed what they were saying and accepted it as the truth? How would you feel if you could receive a gift without any explanation? What if we all just said "thank you!" instead of explaining why we were so unworthy?! Last, when you continually refuse to accept what is given to you, things stop coming. Why would you continue to receive when you never accept? The universe has an abundance of these gifts but you have to be willing to accept them. 

Challenge: This week, see what opportunities you have to receive and practice graciously accepting. If someone gives you a compliment, see how you feel just accepting it without further conversation. If you receive a gift, say thank you! Graciously accept, express your gratitude and don't try to find a way to even the score by putting yourself down.