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Challenge: Grateful For....

In general, during the week of Thanksgiving we step up our game and have heightened awareness around what we are grateful for. Maybe you go around the table and say one thing you are grateful for while spooning mashed potatoes onto your plate. Maybe you get to see your family and feel the warmth of gratitude as you see their smiling faces. Whatever your gratitude thing is, keep on it! 

This week I have a new challenge around being grateful! 

Back story: A few years ago, I decided to use my love language (words of affirmation) to express my gratitude to my boyfriend. I got these teeny-tiny little envelopes and pieces of paper and decided that every day I would think of a new thing about him I was grateful for. In the beginning, I came up with the easiest things, right? Then, as the days went on, I started to notice myself looking for things to be grateful for. I wanted to find something new each day to write on my adorable little pieces of paper, so every day I was excited to come up with what I was going to write down. The longer this went on, the more I found that every single day I had a new thing. Every day, there was one more thing I was grateful for. I found that I was quicker to appreciate, love and express my gratitude. I was looking for it, and every day I found it. For me, that experience showed me that when we are looking for things, we find them. No matter what they are. 

This week / month / year, I challenge you to try this for yourself. Start small, one thing you are grateful for. Maybe see if you can make it through a week and find something new each day. Maybe you enlist a friend and do this together. Whatever works for you! See if you can find things to be grateful for, and how it changes your perspective.