Confidence in Your Future Coaching


Saying "I don't know" is postponing your progress

It's completely normal to say "idkkkkk" to every question that pops up. The problem is that you never figure it out. Sometimes, we say "I don't know" because we don't know (yet). Maybe we do know and are avoiding facing it, or really don't know and are hoping the answer magically appears in the night. Feeling like you don't know is totally normal. It happens to everyone. 

This is a great place to employ the help of your coach. If there is something your life you are just "gaahhhh IDK" about, bring it up! It doesn't matter what the subject is, your coach will be able to help you gain clarity on whatever you need to work out. 

So the question really becomes "are you ready to know?" If you are, schedule a session with your coach and see what the future could look like if you did know