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I'm Receiving That!

At the 2019 Intentional Together Retreat the group zoomed right in on things we noticed about each other that needed to be addressed. Talking down about yourself? Gonna be called out. Have an issue that you can’t figure out? Someone is sitting with you making charts and graphs on how to solve it. Need a piece of chocolate? Look under the couch.

One item that we stumbled upon was how natural it is to immediately reject good things. Compliments, gifts, whatever - we are so used to putting ourselves down.

Them: You are beautiful
Me: Omg, stop, my hair is so disgusting, and don’t even get me started on my weight

Why is this okay? Why is this normal? When are we going to wake up and accept all the good the universe is trying to give to us?

Over the weekend this phrase caught on: “I’m receiving that.”

Someone gives you a compliment? I’m receiving that! Someone offers to buy your dinner? I’m receiving that. The universe gives you everything you have been asking for? I’M RECEIVING THAT!

Next time you have the chance, instead of downplaying how amazing you are and instead of telling the universe how you don’t deserve any of it, let yourself accept it. “I’m receiving that!”