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Setting Intentions

I used to wake up, snooze the alarm, groan about how much I disliked mornings and stumble off into my day. I never gave my morning ritual much thought. Being someone who fully buys into the idea that "your thoughts create your reality" I decided to pay attention to my thoughts and slowly make adjustments in the areas where I wanted to improve. My chosen area of improvement? Mornings. 

If I believe that I choose my reality by the thoughts I think, then that meant I was choosing to be a crabby-appleton every single morning. I wondered how my negative thoughts were impacting my interactions. Well, lets see... If I wake up and think about all the stuff I have to do and put out bad vibes to all of it, then, yeah, it would make total sense that everything I pictured going wrong in my day would go wrong. What could I do to really start my day off "right" though? I needed to do more digging.

One thing I noticed about my days in general was that I had no intentions. I thought living in a way where I would just "see what happens" was the best for me because it allowed me to be flexible and open. While that was true, I found a way to be flexible and open while also having goals for my days. (Score!) I am not talking about to-do lists or things to accomplish before the next day, but goals for how the day is going to go.

The question I started with was "If I had a magic wand that would allow me to have the perfect day, what would that look like?" [Sleep in, drive-thru Starbucks on my way to Target, read my current book on the couch under my favorite quilt?..... Not the point of this exercise?.... Got it.]

The first day, I woke up, asked myself that question and thought about the answer. What did I want to happen in this day? This is similar to affirmations with a slight spin. (Side note: Affirmations are incredible and I highly suggest everyone incorporate them into their lives, like now.) Affirmations are generally positive thoughts that you put out into the universe and choose to attract to yourself. Intentions have a lot of the same verbiage for me, but, instead of being an every day idea, it is specific to this day. My intentions are what I decide will happen for me today.  

Most of my days I set out with the intention that I will be successful, have engaging conversations, be proud of myself and have something wonderful happen. Each day is different and I focus on whatever is important to me for that day. I include anything specific that is happening that I want to put extra emphasis on and affirm that it will go exactly the way I choose it to go.

Now it is your turn, what intentions (if any) do you choose to start your days with?