Confidence in Your Future Coaching



You open a text message and there it is.... "K."

How dare they? You sent a thoughtful text and they have the audacity to respond with "K." Are they mad? Do they disagree? What is their problem. [Now you're fired up.]

The tricky thing about interpretations is that you are viewing the world through the filters you've developed. You have a unique set of beliefs, values, assumptions and experiences that literally no one else has. Everything you think is filtered through this lens and your mind makes sense of it in the only way it knows how. The same is true for the person on the other end of the text chain.

Maybe you are so spot on and that person is furious and they are letting you know by using the classic one letter + period response to show you just how much they despise you right now. What else could be going on here?

I can list a million different interpretations (they are using voice to text, they are in a hurry, they didn't mean "K." they meant "okay!!!", they don't know what "K." means to you and to them it means something totally different, they are agreeing with you... and so on.)

If you find yourself getting caught up in some emotional drama where you believe to your core that John Smith* intentionally did this because he knows what it means. I challenge you to take a step back and ask yourself the following questions: 1. What is another possibility? 2. How differently would I feel if I found out the intentions behind this were different? 3. How willing am I to let go of this?


*Name is used for example purposes only. John Smith, sorry bro, your name is so recognizable I have to use it.