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Listening to Your Intuition

How many times have you looked back and said to yourself "oh yeah, I knew I shouldn't have done that." It is easy to look to the past and say "knew it!" when it has already come to pass. What if you knew it before it happened and you had the confidence to choose your intuition?

Everyone has intuition, it just is a matter of how much you are willing to believe in it. It sounds so easy! Yet, many of us struggle with this in practice. This is the type of thing that needs to be developed over time through patience and strength. Listening to your intuition sometimes means choosing to do something that goes against what you are "supposed" to do because you know it is not right for you. It can mean putting yourself in an uncomfortable position because you know it is right for you to be there. It can sometimes be unclear why you were called to do or not do something but the more you listen, the louder it will speak to you.

When you are fist starting to develop your intuition, ask yourself as many questions as you need to in order to feel confident that you are in line with what your gut is telling you. How does this make me feel? What are my reservations? Why might I feel that way? What might I be holding back? Who does this decision affect? What is my body telling me? What is my mind telling me? Can I hear my intuition? Get to the bottom of your thoughts and continue to ask yourself meaningful questions until you are ready to move forward. This might take an overwhelming amount of faith and it is normal to feel nervous when you are working to develop this skill. Remember that you can always change your mind and that you have the answers within you. It is just a matter of getting real with yourself and allowing your intuition the chance to speak up.

Hint: Your intuition speaks to you as a friend. Your intuition does not say "I" it says "you". When you are listening for your intuition, it sounds like a friend is giving you advice, not thoughts that you are creating yourself.