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Lead by Example, Not by Force

Who here has discovered some life-changing* information and immediately gone on to preach it to anyone who would listen? (Including but not limited to: your family, friends, neighbors, Uber driver, TSA pre-check lady and so on....)

First off, thank you for being willing to share your joy and excitement with the world and wanting to better everyone and bring information to the collective whole. Second, cool your jets. It is wonderful to want to share, but keep in mind that everyone is on his or her own journey and they might not be in the same space as you. 

I am guilty of this myself, for sure. I remember a number of times when I read something profound or learned a new concept and immediately started imposing my thoughts on my friends and telling them exactly what I think, trying to force them to see the connection as clearly as I did. News flash: This rarely works in the way you want it to. Something might make sooooo much sense to me and be easily applied to a conversation but if the person I am talking with isn't on the same page, it will likely by misinterpreted or missed altogether. 

My advice is to lead by example, not by force. If you learn something new and cool and think it could help many people; amazing! Show them with your actions and live your principles. If it is right for them, they will lean into these behaviors and come to you asking to be taught. When they want to know, the information will flow naturally and you can achieve your goal of spreading the word, when the time is right.


*Subject to interpretation.