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Love Languages: What's Yours?

Happy Valentine's Day! What a perfect time to go over the Love Languages. 

I can't believe how many people aren't aware of the Love Languages! I hope everyone reading this finds value in this topic. If you already know your Love Language, what about the Love Language your partner prefers?

For anyone who wants to see what the official test says, head on over to this site and find out your Love Language! It should take you roughly 4-7 minutes, not a large time investment at all: Love Language Test

Love Language breakdown: Everyone shows love in different ways... pretty universal concept, right? Sometimes, we find ourselves getting angry with a partner for not "loving us" but until we really know how they express their love, we won't know whether or not that is true.

Gary Chapman groups the different types of love into 5 categories. They are brilliant, let me tell you. They are as follows: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch.

Let's take a look at each of the categories and how that might show up in your life.

Words of Affirmation: If this is your Love Language, you might find that you attach a lot of value to the reasons "why" someone loves you. Do you hold on to love notes? Get excited when reading a text saying how much someone appreciates you? Do you continue to mentally replay things people say? Show someone with this Love Language you care by giving genuine and encouraging compliments.

Acts of Service: My dad, a man of few (but very carefully chosen) words, is the epitome of Acts of Service. He will wash my car, paint the house and drive hours to help a friend add a deck onto their house.  He re-arranges the furniture probably once a week because my mom likes to. This is the way he shows love. Would he call me on the phone just to say he was thinking about me and wanted to say "I love you"? Absolutely not. Would he drive across the country to move my entire apartment (10-15 times since 2006)? Without a doubt. 

Receiving Gifts: Little tokens of affection can go a long way for someone who associates gifts with love. Maybe you find that they are always coming home with a little treasure they saw and thought you would like. Maybe holidays are a big to-do for them. This person relates gifts to visual symbols of love! A gift is something you can physically touch and say "Aw, they were thinking of me and here is the proof!" 

Quality Time: For some people, being together is love. No distractions, focused attention on each other. Someone who appreciates quality time looks forward to "Date Night" every week and not just the act of going on a date. Quality time is about mentally being there. Fully engaged in conversation and giving that person undivided attention. 

Physical Touch: Physical touch comes up in many ways. It can be a kiss on the lips, or a big hug. Someone who appreciates physical touch might enjoy holding hands, or being physically next to each other when in a group setting. Simply touching someone and having that connection can indicate love. 

How do you express your love?