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Mirror Challenge

Have you ever actually stopped to catch yourself in your thoughts? Do you feel like you are in control of your thoughts or on auto-pilot? We can beat ourselves up over and over and might not even recognize when it is happening. 

In the spirit of discovery, I offer you a challenge. For the next two days, every single time you catch a glimpse of yourself (whether it be in a mirror, reflection, picture..) stop for a second and try to hear your thoughts. What did you say to yourself? If you can, make note of these thoughts. Maybe you do this for a week instead of a few days. Maybe you do it a few times and get the point. Whatever works for you. What are the messages you are whispering to yourself?

*Note: If you find that you are constantly praising yourself and pointing out how beautiful and wonderful you are when you see your reflection, congratulations! You absolutely are amazing and you should keep those positive thoughts flowing! If you did not, move on to step 2. 

Step 2:
Once you have had time to catch your thoughts and reflect on them, the next step is to re-train your mind. Start off slow, maybe you start with just one thing and build up from there. The next time you see yourself, give yourself a compliment. A genuine compliment. Not a half-compliment or a backhanded compliment.. a real compliment. Tell yourself something positive. Try this a few times and see how it feels. Continue to build this up and soon, every time you see your reflection say that compliment. 

How might your life be different if you incorporated this into your routine? 

I am interested to hear from anyone who tries this, what was your experience? What were the messages you were telling yourself and what did you replace it with? Share in the comments below!