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Who felt uncomfortable just reading the title “I LOVE MONEY” ? What emotions does the word money bring up for you? Are you thinking about abundance and freedom and the exchange of energy? Are you thinking about lack and resistance, or shame and guilt?

No matter what, everyone has a money story.

That’s right. Even you, who says “Oh, money doesn’t really mean anything to me, I don’t care about money one way or another. It doesn’t motivate me.” - That’s a money story. You are telling money you don’t care about it, and thus, potentially blocking the flow.

Recently I have been having a lot of conversations about money. Friends will chat me about money stresses and friends will chat me about receiving an unexpected abundance of money. Each person having their own relationship with money.

Many people realize they don’t intentionally have the relationship with money that they desire.

One of my personal initiatives lately is to create a relationship with money that I am excited by. I want to change the way I view prosperity and release any resistance I have that might block the flow of abundance.

I follow Stacy Hartmann on Facebook and watch her videos - she’s got such a great energy and always poses interesting tips and techniques to create the life you want, definitely follow her. Recently she posted about wealth and attracting money and she shared this video about EFT (emotional freedom technique).

Join me in this initiative and let’s unleash the flow of abundance!