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3 Talents Challenge

This week I challenge you to identify at least 3 things that you are naturally good at. Kick this challenge up a notch by identifying 3 things that you are naturally good at that others around you don’t seem to grasp as easily. Remember, these talents might be hard to figure out because to you *it’s so easy* but others do. not. get. it.

Here are the examples I see in my life:

  1. I understand how time works. You may laugh, but many people do not grasp the concept of time. I remember having a conversation with my mom once about her trip to the grocery. “I’ll run to the grocery and I’ll be back in 15 minutes.” —— no you absolutely will not. The grocery is approximately 7 minutes away. You will need time to get ready, get in your car and drive to the main road which will take you at least 5 minutes. You then have to walk inside the store, pick out your items, stand in line, pay, and get back out to your car. How long would that take? If you were lucky, and I mean really lucky, that whole process would take 7 minutes. Now you drive back home which takes another 7 minutes. So the trip that you estimated taking 15 minutes is actually closer to 30. She is not alone by the way, people around me underestimate how long things take daily. (Note: I am not mentally doing quick math in these estimates, I genuinely just have a natural ability to guesstimate how long things take.)

  2. I can feel the energy around me. When I walk into a room or sit in a meeting, I can sense what is going on without having to listen to the words. I can feel the energy. This is so natural to me it actually perplexes me when I remember that others do not have this talent. I once sat through a 4 hour sales meeting and was SHOCKED at the end. We went around the room and people talked about how they thought it went. I knew it did not go well. 4 out of the other 5 people in the room did not know that. They could not feel what I was feeling. There was only 1 other person in the room who felt what I felt and we couldn’t explain it other than “that’s what I felt.” I refer to this as being an empath - I can absorb what other people feel without being told.

  3. I can mentally organize and plan for a series of events. This is actually what sparked the idea for this blog post. I was having a conversation with a colleague about corporate communication and meetings and during that talk he asked if this was a project I would be interested in spearheading for the organization. I get asked to lead projects and conversations that are outside of my traditional scope all the time and it never really clicked until that moment. The reason I am being asked to do those things is because other people just don’t get it. And that is not a dig on the company, it is across every organization I have ever worked with. Not everyone can organize projects, tasks, people, and outcomes. When this —> then this. Thinking tactfully about what has to be done and also thinking broadly about what impact those tasks have - that comes naturally to me. I zoom in and out all the time! I forget that others do not share this same talent.

I share these to highlight that, for me, those things are just the way life is. I want to know what things are special or unique about the way you are? What things do you *just get* that others have to work to understand?

Leave a comment below and share some of your examples.