Confidence in Your Future Coaching



At this time of year, many of us find ourselves obsessing over the things we wish to change in our lives. From losing weight to going back to school to quitting a bad habit - New Year's resolutions are in full effect. 

Here's a handy fact from the internet: "Only 8 percent of people actually keep their New Year's resolutions, according to one commonly cited statistic. There are many reasons people can't stick to their resolutions, from setting too many of them to getting derailed by small failures."

I want to take this time to encourage anyone on their journey of self improvement. You are inspiring! Finding an area of your life where you are willing to put in extra effort is incredible and I absolutely believe that all of my followers are the 8% who will keep their New Year's resolutions.

When you are creating your goal, really set yourself up to succeed. Ask yourself questions to figure out what "the right goal" looks like for you. Do you have the resources needed to achieve your goal? Do you have the time to invest into it? Do you genuinely want to? What is your motivation level? Who are you doing this for? Be clear and honest with yourself when creating your goal so you have the best chance to reach it.

After you come up with the perfect New Years resolution, make sure to give yourself the appropriate encouragement. You can be your own biggest cheerleader or grumpy old buzz-killington. [The results of each approach is fairly obvious.] Try responding to yourself with compassion, possibility and celebration. When you make progress toward your goal, recognize that and be proud of it! Allow yourself to experience the small wins. If you have to take a step back and adjust course, that is completely normal. This journey is yours and yours alone. 

Happy New Year!