Confidence in Your Future Coaching


Powerful Thoughts

"A weed that is not given water will eventually wither away." 

This such a perfect representation of how powerful we are when we stop feeding ourselves negative self-talk. 

It is mind-blowing the types of things you would hear if you eavesdropped on some of the conversations you have with yourself. 

"Ugggh I look so ugly... I am so stupid why did I do that... I don't deserve to be happy... No one will respect me because I don't have a degree... I'll never be able to afford something nicer... I shouldn't even try because I always mess everything up..."

Sound familiar?

If you had a friend who was always saying terrible things to / about you, how long would you be willing to hang around that person? 

It's time to kick out the friend who is always putting you down and hang around the friend who builds you up!

I challenge everyone to spend the next week listening to the conversation you are having with yourself and see what type of friend you are being to yourself. Once you have a good handle on the types of messages you are whispering to yourself - see if you can stop watering the negative self-talk.