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1 Question You Won't Stop Thinking About

The other day, I came across an article discussing corporate culture. This is a topic I am deeply curious about so, naturally, I read it. These types of articles always draw me in by their titles, things like: “5 tips to improve corporate culture” or “What you’re doing to diminish motivation in the workplace” - how am I not going to read about this?!

I got to a question that I had never previously considered and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

What activities get rewarded?

This is such a simple question, and yet, I bet many individuals have never asked themselves this question. No matter what your role in life is, I challenge you to answer this question for yourself, your family and your organization.

What activities actually get rewarded? I can’t stop thinking about this.

Many organizations think they value hard work… but is the “hardest worker” actually the one who is lifted up? Or is it really just the person who is the loudest about their accomplishments? Maybe you teach your children that your family values good behavior, but give in every time they throw a tantrum.

What activities do you reward and is that in line with what you say you value?