Confidence in Your Future Coaching



One of the best things about a coaching relationship is that you and your coach will focus on your strengths and build on previous successes to create the future you want. 

Looking for our strengths is not always easy. People can find it is difficult to confidently say the things they are good at. It is natural to feel some hesitation around this topic, but don't let that stop you! If you are having a hard time coming up with your strengths try asking a friend or family member for what they think are some of your strengths. You might be surprised to hear their opinion. 

Another great option is to turn to CliftonStrengths (also known as Gallup Strengths Finder) and take the test. Through their website you can take a $20 assessment and they will identify your top 5 strengths for you. This tool is used by corporations and individuals across the world to better understand themselves as well as each other. There are 34 defined "themes" and the test will identify your dominant talents to help you excel. If you take the test, they also give you a Strengths Insight Report. According to their site it is "Unique to your specific combination of strengths, this report describes who you are in astonishing detail and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of yourself, your strengths and what makes you stand out." If you want to learn more about what the different themes are, here is a little cheat sheet they put together.

However you choose to identify your strengths, I encourage you to find time to reflect on your strengths and what makes you great. When you work with your coach, talk with them about what you believe to be your strengths and see how that conversation can spark forward movement.