Confidence in Your Future Coaching


Therapy vs. Coaching: What's the Difference?

Interested in coaching and asking yourself "how is that different from therapy?" You are not alone! That is one of the most common questions when looking into coaching.

In some ways coaching can be similar to therapy. The main differentiator is that therapy generally analyzes past behaviors to discover why someone did something or to fix a perceived problem. In therapy, you will typically look to the past and investigate why.

Coaching objectively works with a client to focus on solutions and future plans to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results. When you work with your coach, you might notice that he or she doesn't try to heal you or fix your problems. Your coach should work with you on how to achieve your goals. Coaches help clients get from where they are now, to where they want to be.

^^ Notice how I said how to achieve your goals. This is important, remember this. Your goals. The job of your coach is to support, encourage and help you gain perspective and clarity. Your coach should provide a safe, unbiased place for you to discover and express yourself. This happens when you know that your goals are the only agenda. 

What questions do you have about coaching?