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Fill Your Plate

Imagine you’re in line at a buffet. You have your little tray and your plate and you can see endless rows of food. There is a whole meat section including a beef carving station, seafood, sushi, rotisserie chickens. There’s a pasta section, a salad bar, and a dessert aisle. Literally, anything you can imagine was there. The best foods in the world are available to you at this buffet. Also offered to you are some not-so-delicious treats. They have rotten tomatoes, a pile of moldy bread, the bottoms of a bunch of burnt brownies.

As you fill your plate you quietly wonder “who the hell would choose to eat moldy bread when there are are rows upon rows of baked-to-perfection bread?”

This is what we do with our thoughts and actions.

If we think of our minds like this buffet line, what items would we choose to fill our plate with and what items would be be disgusted to keep ordering?