Confidence in Your Future Coaching


Trusting the Process

When you begin working to achieve your goals, patience is so important. (So difficult too.) Some items you will check off your list quickly, and that progress will build you up! You might be working toward a large, overarching goal that will take more time to achieve. When you work with your coach, they will help you break it down into super easy steps so you can continually build on each success. *Warning* This is where your patience is tested! Occasionally, you might not feel like you are making "enough" progress and can get bummed out by waiting. This is totally normal to experience. 

If this comes up for you, give yourself permission to explore those feelings. Allowing yourself to sit with these feelings and experience them instead of rushing through might give you a totally different perspective. Bring it up with your coach and see what's happening for you. What could you adjust to put yourself at ease? What areas are you making progress that maybe you are forgetting? What does "making enough progress" mean to you?