Confidence in Your Future Coaching



Over the summer I was invited to attend a training session at Disney World. That’s right. I got to go to Disney and learn all about their magic.

One of the most interesting pieces of information I brought back was around their company values. Disney is known for having the best employees and getting customer service “right”, so obviously their values would be interesting.

what struck me MOST…

What struck me most was not the values themselves, but the way they are structured.

Disney has each of their millions of team members go through rigorous training and one of the first things they learn is about the four keys (values). Disney’s four values are: 1. Safety 2. Courtesy 3. Show and 4. Efficiency. When learning the values, each team member is taught what the values mean, but also that they are prioritized.

“The Keys appear in a specific order to remind us that safety must be the priority in every decision we take and must never be sacrificed for another key.”

Disney has placed these values in order from 1 to 4 to clearly express exactly what the expectations are. Everyone on the team knows that safety is number 1, no matter what! That means if they see something at work that is unsafe, anyone working for Disney is empowered to take action that might not necessarily be courteous. Courtesy is number two, which means they are also empowered to do something that might not be the most efficient (number 4), for the sake of courtesy.

The idea of prioritizing values was something I had not previously considered and it really hit me as brilliant. I thought about how this could be used outside of the workplace and how impactful it would be to place priorities on things we generally just lump together.

If you have 10 things that are important to you, what would happen if you actually had to decide which one was the absolute most important? What on your values list cannot be sacrificed?