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What Frequency Are Your Vibes at?

I am a big believer in karma and vibes and energy. For me, it makes the most sense to describe your vibes as a radio station. Whatever frequency your energy is at, your vibe radio picks up channels that match your frequency and tunes you in. The rest is just static.

Think about the energy you had when you were in high school. Your friends, your experiences, your life - that was all a reflection of the frequency you were living at. Fast forward to today, and think about the vibes that you emit now. How different is your energy?

This lesson reminds us that whatever we put out into the world we see reflected back at us. If you are seeing something in your life that you don’t like, I challenge you to raise your vibrations and start living on a level where that situation is no longer in tune.

Leave a comment and tell me about the frequency of your vibes and how that has shifted over the years.