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Visualize First

Something incredible happened to me this weekend and I am so excited to share. 

There are some things in my life that are serious sources of anxiety. One of those evil places is the DMV. It is a room filled with stressed out people, fed up workers and bad vibes. Going into the DMV is one of the scariest things for me because I always feel like I am not prepared. It's like there is always some other piece of paper I need, or something that hasn't been done in the right order, delaying my progress and costing extra money and time. "How much will it suck if I wait in this long line and when it is my turn they tell me I don't have the proper paperwork?!" Is the thought that haunts me while waiting in line. (That has happened to me, and yes, it is awful.)

This weekend I decided I was finally going to go update my license with my new address. It is such a small thing. I have a current license. I moved. I should be able to follow the directions, wait in line, and quickly and easily get a new one and be done with it. However, I am so paralyzed by just the thought of going there, I have put it off for months.

This weekend I decided I was going to practice using my mind to create the outcome I wanted. Instead of going in prepared to be shut down, I would go in with the confidence of someone who has all her paperwork and means business. 

I took a few minutes to decide what I wanted out of this situation. 1. I wanted to wait for a short amount of time. 2. I wanted to be paired with a pleasant worker. 3. I wanted to get this taken care of in only one trip. 4. I wanted this to be a smooth transaction with little stress.

Those were my parameters. Why wouldn't that come true for me? I believe that I am a powerful being and that my mind is strong enough to create any outcome. 

I pulled into the DMV, I reminded myself of what I expected to come true for me and I walked in the door. The DMV I went to has a big lobby area and a number system. When you get in the door, you pull a number and you sit down and wait for them to call you. I got there at 11:30AM and they were just calling 194. My number was 231 and they closed at 12:30. I casually sat down and waited as they called number after number. They finally called me up asked what I needed. I explained that I needed to update my address and she asked me for my current license and proof of residency. She took the papers and made copies (omg, how exciting is this, she hasn't said anything is wrong!!) Then, we went over to check my eyesight and take a new picture. (Obviously I blinked the second the flash came out so we had to redo.) No big deal, everything was still going pretty well. We got back to the desk, she told me it would be $9.00 and I paid.


The brilliance of it all.

I can't explain what a relief it was to walk out of that building, knowing I just accomplished something that was so terrifying for me and IT'S OVER! I did it! I decided exactly how my experience would go and that is what happened. It just goes to show you, what you think about does come true, and if you put out intentions of positivity it will come around to support you.

What experiences have you had where you used visualization / intention setting to create your perfect outcome? Share them below!