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Why so serious?

When did everything become so dang serious? 

In the book Big Magic, (oh my god, seriously, buy this book, it is stellar) Elizabeth Gilbert spouts off so many brilliant thoughts I can hardly keep track. One main takeaway for me was the idea of doing things because you want to do them.

At one point, she talks about some of the books she has written and how, with all due respect, she didn't write them for the audience. She wrote them because she wanted to. Because she enjoys writing, and because she thought it would be fun.

I thought about this and looked for where it shows up in my life. What do I do because I want to? Where can I let go of "what other people will think" and just do it because I like to?

One area for me is writing affirmations and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. I have struggled with this because "posting motivational quotes on the Internet" is somewhat of a joke and can certainly be made fun of. It is not a unique idea and I am not the first or the last person who has decided to do so. Also, if people don't engage with my posts and each one only has a few likes, that can be embarrassing or feel defeating...

But... I like them!!

I write them because I enjoy affirmations. I share them so others can use them if they wish. But I realize that I don't have to attach anything more to it. I don't have to be the most-followed-affirmation-account on Instagram. I don't have to post every other day to stay on top of people's minds. I can simply do it because I like to. Once I realized this, it allowed me to release some of the pressure and awkwardness and enjoy myself.

Where can you let go of some of the seriousness and do something just because you like to do it?