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The Best Things About You

Ever been in a job interview where they ask "what are your strengths" or in a social situation where someone says "so, tell me about yourself..." These are always kind of awkward to answer, amirite? People are trying to find out what type of person you are. How you describe yourself to others is ultimately what you think about yourself. Take a second to think about how you would answer that question. 

"Tell me about yourself." 

What would the response be if you were asked to describe a best friend or significant other? Why is it so much easier to find ways to describe and compliment other people but when it comes to us we struggle to own our greatness. 

It is totally normal to feel weird tooting our own horns. We have been taught to be humble, not to brag, "don't be full of yourself" and so on.. This week, I want you to take some time and really think about some of the best parts of yourself. What are you great at? What about you is wonderful? What adjectives can you come up with that describe the best parts about you?

Next, I want you to enlist the help of a friend and ask them what are some of the best things about you. It might feel weird to ask, but once you hear what they have to say, it can be so meaningful. Being described by someone else will give you a new perspective on your best qualities. Maybe they will bring up you never even thought of as a strength!

Let me know how this exercise feels for you in the comments.