Confidence in Your Future Coaching

Corporate Packages


step 1  //  initial Power-Up Calls

The first session is a quick 20-30 minute call with each team member to discuss expectations, answer questions and establish the coaching relationship. These power-up calls maybe substituted for a group conversation or in-person presentation depending on the unique needs of your corporate environment and amount of participants involved.

step 2  //  Energy Leadership Index Assessments 

Each team member will then receive the request to take an online assessment which will be the foundation for our coaching sessions. The ELI assessment allows each individual to begin their journey of professional development while building a new common language across the workplace. Each person will schedule their 90-minute ELI debrief session to learn about the different energy levels and what that means for them specifically.


step 3  //  Coaching sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions are focused on personal and professional development to give each person the space, support and confidence to move toward a future of success. The information discussed in these conversations is completely confidential, and the details of the calls will not be shared with the group. These 50-minute phone call sessions will be handled on a bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on what works best with the goals of the company and team members participating.

step 4  //  live workshops + group coaching

Live workshops and group coaching sessions can be requested to maximize the bond between a team and increase transparency in the organization. Workshops and group coaching sessions work toward a larger corporate mission and culture shift rather than focusing solely on the growth of individual contributors. 


step 5  //  monthly success sessions

The shifts in personal and professional life created by the coaching experience can be dramatic. In order to support the ongoing transformation of each team member, monthly success sessions are available. These sessions are 50 minutes in length and build upon previous success achieved in prior sessions.