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CLOSED  //  get more info

The current intention group is no longer accepting registrations. This group runs on Tuesday evenings from October 15 - November 19 from 9:00PM - 9:30PM EST through Facebook Messenger.

Your Intention Request

This form must be filled out at least 2 days prior to your focused intention session. (Don't forget to get a picture ready as well! That will be shared with the group during the session.)

your experience  //  weekly

After each session, please fill this form out to document what has been going on in your life as well as what you experienced during the session. Your experience during the session will be shared with the recipient unless otherwise noted.


Agenda + FAQs

Before we get started, check out this page to get an idea of what each session will be like. Contact me directly if you have further questions.


Some people like to use music during the 10 minutes of intention sending. If you are one of those people, I have put together a list of my favorites. (Pro-tip: Using ones that are 10 minutes in length is great to gently guide you out of your meditation.)

Facilitating  //  suggestions 

Want to continue meeting with your group after the 8 sessions? (Or start your own group) Here is the timing guide I use to facilitate conversations. If your group wants to continue intending and self-moderate, this sheet will help each member stay on time. Lynne McTaggert also has resources and suggestions on her website.