Confidence in Your Future Coaching

Individual Packages


discovery session - complimentary

Our first session is a complimentary discovery session to determine if we are a good fit to work together. During this 20-30 minute call, we will discuss expectations, what you hope coaching can do for you, and learn more about the coaching relationship. I will call you at the scheduled time with the information provided. If you choose to move forward with Confidence in your Future, you will choose individual sessions or packages based on what works for you.


The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment measures a person's core energy. It is a tool to see how you are currently showing up in the world and how you shift in times of stress. As part of this process, you’ll learn about the 7 levels of energy, be debriefed on your results, and establish goals on how to lean into your strengths and navigate your stressors. Using your results as a starting point, you can choose a session package to be coached on elevating yourself to higher performance in all areas of your life. 



The basic package gives you time to get used to our sessions and see some benefits from our work. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and generally scheduled weekly. Committing to 4 sessions holds you accountable to yourself and says "I am here to make progress!" E-mail contact available throughout the week as necessary.


The plus package is the most popular option for clients and is the choice for you if you are fully invested in making significant changes in your life. You are ready to put forth the time and energy needed to turn your goals into reality. Sessions are 50 minutes in length scheduled for 7 weekly or bi-weekly sessions as needed. This package makes sense for someone who is committed to the coaching process and is prepared to do the work. E-mail and phone contact available throughout the week as necessary.



The premium package is comprised of 10 sessions weekly or bi-weekly for someone who is heavily invested in creating a future of their dreams and knows they need time and support to achieve their desired outcomes. This package is right for a client who can see the benefits of our work and is ready for substantial progress. This package also includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and 90-minute debrief ($295 value). Sessions are 1 hour in length and include phone and e-mail contact throughout the week as well as accountability check points. 


The deluxe package is an ongoing contract of weekly or bi-weekly sessions that are 50 minutes in length. Package can be cancelled at the end of any month, prior to billing. The deluxe package offers flexibility and sustainability when working toward major life changes. Working with a coach on issues like confidence is deeply personal and with time, can offer substantial changes to the quality of all aspects of your life. This package is great for someone who is looking for a flexible option on an ongoing basis. E-mail and phone contact available throughout the week as necessary. One 15-minute power session available each month as needed. Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief available for a reduced rate.