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Client Resources

client resources

Coaching Agreement  // required

Download and sign the coaching agreement prior to our first regular session. E-mail your signed document back to me at so I can sign and store your copy. 

snapshot of me // OPTIONAL

To get the most out of our coaching sessions, take some time before our first regular session to fill out this snapshot of who you currently are. [We will dive deeper into this information in our calls, so don't be shy!]

intentional together // the power of 8

These groups are a collection of like-minded individuals who participate in sending each other energy, love and power regarding a specific intention. By connecting with others and sharing deeply personal desires, we aim to multiply the power of our intentions and change the outcome of our lives. 


energy leadership index  //  assessment

The ELI measures a person's core energy. It is a tool to see how you are currently showing up in the world. As part of this process, you’ll learn about the 7 levels of energy and be debriefed on the findings of the assessment. Using your results as a baseline, you will be coached on how to navigate yourself to higher performance in all areas of your life. 

energy leadership index  //  assessment

The ELI is an incredible tool to use with your organization. This assessment allows each individual to begin a journey of professional development while building a new common language across the workplace. Teams can use this tool to build awareness around how each contributor is currently showing up in the workplace and can guide individual and group coaching sessions for maximum benefit.

referral program  //  everyone wins

Want to help someone else gain confidence in their future? Fill out this form indicating you have referred a potential client. More details on page.