Confidence in Your Future Coaching
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Client Compliments


What clients are saying...

"It’s amazing to me the difference in how I am now compared to how I’ve always been. I know I had been going through some sort of change anyway, bu I want to thank you for bringing to light things that many counselors over the years have never been able to. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a huge part of letting me see who I really am."  

— Stephanie

"Working with Kate as my coach is one of the best decisions I have made for my career in quite a while. I walk away from each of our sessions feeling inspired to do what I know is best for me, confident that I can accomplish the goals that we worked together to set, and secure in the fact that I am capable of reaching my intended professional potential. As a coach, Kate is inspiring, supportive, challenging, and everything that I need at this point. In tandem with my own potential, which Kate has helped me fully understand, I am more confident in my ability to reach a fulfilling career."  


“Through coaching sessions with Kate I was able to gain a clear perspective of my situation and come up with a plan on how to achieve the results I wanted. She guided me through my own thoughts with patience and support. When the time came, I knew I was prepared to take the steps necessary to accomplish my goals.”

— laura

"Kate is an attentive and effective coach. She has helped me become aware of and clear blocks that were standing in the way of my personal and business goals. Her skillful coaching has empowered me to grow in ways I wouldn't have without her guidance."  

— Terry

This experience was what I needed to sort through my goals and make them a priority. Having the scheduled sessions really helped me focus and take a step back from my busy life. I would strongly recommend people who are ready to take their goals seriously to invest in a coach!

— Holly

“Wow. I don't know what I was expecting but I am constantly just blown away during our sessions. Each time I leave a call I feel like I am ready to move mountains. Kate asks the right questions and I am quickly seeing the results at work and even at home. No one has ever really listened to me like that. 10/10.”


“Couldn't be happier. Thank you for working with me to get over the areas in my life where I have consistently struggled. I recommend Confidence in Your Future if you are looking for someone to help you see new ways of thinking and inspire you to get out of your own head.”

— james

"I was stuck in a rut and Kate helped me gain clarity on why, gently opening my eyes to see other options. She guided me through the process of correcting my course, enabling me to finally move forward. Her assistance was invaluable in helping me choose a new life path. I have discovered my purpose and am already seeing real-life results.”

— chris